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Returns and Delivery

Returns and Delivery


We are aware that returns can be the bane of our customers lives, so we have simplified the process, once the following steps are followed, the returns process will be painless!

Returns Process

  • Send an email to returns@tradesupply.eu
  • Please include product code and reason for return
  • Please confirm if you require a replacement
  • Majority of the time we will not require the product back*
  • Should it be required collection will be arranged for the end user
  • Allow 1 week for collection, once the tracking number has been provided
  • The product will be collected and returned to the warehouse
  • Credit will be issued within 5 days

We understand collection can be difficult from your customer, along with the cost of collection it can make it uneconomical but provide a much better customer experience if the return is not collected and a replacement sent.


Delivery Process

  • Delivery is provided by a third-party courier company.
  • Orders by webshop & EDI will ship until 6pm.
  • Orders by email, phone and IM will ship until 5:30pm.
  • Delivery is guaranteed to be next day, unless otherwise stated, and delivery time can be up until 5:30pm.
  • The courier has up until 5:30pm to deliver the order.
  • Customers are emailed all tracking numbers for their orders by email, sent to the default email on the customer’s account, at the end of business.
  • Please use this information to track your order, and if required to make contact with the courier company to provide and estimated time of arrival.
  • Tradesupply provides exceptionally low delivery charges to customers and to third parties, please contact your Sales Consultant for this information.
  • If the delivery is beyond 5:30pm or there is a non-delivery, we would ask that our Customer Experience Team are notified immediately.
  • Exceptional cases, particularly over the Christmas period, deliveries can be delayed due to traffic, weather and high volume, we appreciate your patience.
  • We support cannot provide information relating to the specific time of a delivery.
  • Should you require guaranteed delivery times, there will be an extra charge, please contact our Customer Experience Team for further details.

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